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Meet Cheryl

Hi, I'm Cheryl Savage, a licensed esthetician and member of the Association of Skincare Professionals with extensive training and advanced certifications in professional skincare treatments. I take pride in providing a wide variety of skincare services with the latest technologies, tools, and treatments available.


As a woman of a certain age, I understand the opportunities and challenges that come with looking and feeling your best. As your trusted skincare expert, I'll foster your inner and outer glow with healthy skin.

Cheryl’s Skincare Philosophy

When you look great, you feel great. As a skincare professional, I’m a big believer in staying hydrated and moisturized with regular facials and treatments that stimulate collagen and elastin production as well as nourish the skin.


I think for most women of a certain age, regular professional skincare treatments are essential, especially for the neck and décolleté, which can often be the truthtellers of age.

Bare Skins
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